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May Falcone

I'm May, your guide through the labyrinth of life's challenges. As a licensed mental health counselor, I'm dedicated to helping individuals and couples navigate the complex terrain of grief, life transitions, and relational hurdles. My passion extends to exploring profound topics such as racial identity, dismantling patriarchal systems, addressing cultural and spiritual wounds, and gracefully traversing through relational conflicts, trauma, and grief.


Desert Lotus isn't just a blog—it's a canvas where I paint my journey, from the solemn moments of mourning to a pivotal shift from a 15-year sales career to the enriching path of counseling. Here, I invite you into a candid exploration of my encounters with microaggressions, racial identity, patriarchal systems, spiritual wounds, and the intricate landscapes of relational challenges. It's a space where personal experiences meet professional insights, woven together with a commitment to honest storytelling.


Dive into unique content that unveils the art of embracing life's challenges, turning unexpected twists into opportunities, and discovering inspiration in every corner. This platform is more than words; it's an invitation to join me on a transformative journey. Let's unravel what exhilarates you together.

Welcome to A Desert Lotus.

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