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The Full Story

What brings you passion or a sense of calling in your life? This is a question I ask myself all the time. A Desert Lotus is a way that to share everything that I've learned as a mental health counselor, through grieving the death of parents, family, and friends. Working through the transition of a lucrative career in sales to discovery that counseling was the path I've chosen. I write about grappling with microaggressions, racial identity, finding your voice in a patriarchal society, and navigating relational conflict, trauma, and endings. 

 The site is an open and honest platform about how to make the best of what comes my way.

A Desert Lotus is truly my passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy my site and all of the unique content I offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what exhilarates you as well. Are you ready to be inspired?

Dancer in Nature
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